24 April 2008

Morning Commute

(From Google Images)
On the Muni this morning, there were two little blond boys in navy blue coats standing by my seat talking, brothers perhaps and their mother. First they were talking about favorite movies and the older one said his number one was Star Wars, then Marvel comics, and the little brother says, "Then you would say Indiana Jones." The older said, "No, then it would be DC Comics." Then they mentioned Will Smith in "I am Legend" and the older boy said that he didn't really see the whole movie so that would be in his top 50 or top 20 maybe.
After that the older brother talked about history and mythology. He went on about how Greek's considered women to be strong warriors and would send women to fight, even the queen, with special armor. And that Joan of Arc fought on France's side in the 100 year war, which was actually 120 years. (Wikipedia says the conflict lasted 116 years) He mentioned Romans and their conquests. He even thought the Vietnam war is like the Iraq war, over nothing.

He was speaking about things he had read, including Egyptian pyramids and King Tut. What a smart kid! How's that for a little morning conversation!

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