06 April 2008

SHE Institute

Today George and I went to a celebration for Helen Grieco complete with cookies and tiara's. The celebration included her recent birthday, her daughter's 5th birthday, Helen's retirement from 25 years with CA N.O.W. (National Organization for Women), and Helen &her husband Patrick's newest venture, the SHE Institute! I hope to be involved in some capacity, as it is currently in the early stages. Helen is a special friend and mentor of mine.

The SHE Institute is dedicated to educating women to be Safer, Healthier and Economically independent. Why? The number one public health issue facing women globally is violence. Women continue to strive for equality - this reality negatively affects our health and our economic status. The SHE Institute is also dedicated to educating women how to advocate for themselves and to be leaders."
(Quoted from their brochure)

Visit: http://www.sheinstitute.com/

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