02 May 2008

My Bricolage & Galumphing Writing

Bricolage – Piece of Gravel

A piece of gravel is not something I typically notice. I’m more prone to detect the way cobblestones feel bumpy or woodchips like a soft crunchy carpet underfoot. However, during frequent walks through the park, a piece of gravel will find its way into my shoe almost without fail. It immediately pokes the bottom of my foot which I then begin to shake, hoping it will slide to a less annoying position. This usually requires a stop at the nearest bench to remove my shoe and release the tiny, niggling gravel back into the world.

Galumphing: Violin, Science Teacher, Grocery Store

He showed interest in the violin as a child and began lessons at a young age. He became quite skilled at this instrument and went on to Julliard, determined to become the best violinist. Well, one afternoon he ran into a former classmate at the grocery store. She went traveling for a year after graduation and become a science teacher when she returned to New York. After talking a bit, he realized he didn’t have much of a social life and everything revolved around his violin. They began dating. One night they were stargazing and he remembered his fascination with astronomy during elementary school. Maybe he needed a break from his long-term relationship with the violin. Maybe he would be happier if he didn’t pursue only the violin. Maybe it was time he allowed himself the chance to find the music in other areas in life.

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