06 June 2008

Poem Sketch

I love these poem sketches! I'm having such fun writing them and discovering my wiser 'voice' in these new pieces. I particularly like this one I wrote yesterday -

Career on a Vine

I have a job but not a career
My job is specialized and I know it well
Time put in does not equate to roots
A career is one’s lifework
My life’s work is something else
Not this
This job pays well and affords me time
To write
If you could put my career on a vine
It would flourish in words
And bear fruits ministering to others
My career would sprout wings
And go on travels around the world
This career
Though elusive
Not hidden
Like a bit of fuchsia liberating itself
through a green bud or
Catching a whiff of jasmine

A.P. 6/5/08

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