26 June 2008

The Wednesday Sisters

Today I saw Meg Waite Clayton speak about her novel "The Wednesday Sisters". I think it sounds interesting and will probably read it later. What I find interesting is that each of the ladies in the book is an aspiring writer and this regular meeting they have is basically a writers group. (I want one!) She read a part from a chapter describing how their families gathered to watch the first Lunar Landing back in 1969 on a 23" TV screen (which is a vivid memory of hers at 10 years old), and shared that she enjoyed doing the research.

"Local author Med Waite Clayton’s The Wednesday Sisters is a humorous and poignant novel set in California. Clayton follows five women over the course of four decades, from the tumultuous 60s to the present, and honors the joyful, mysterious, and unbreakable bonds between friends."

Two other local writer's showed up in the audience, Michelle Richmond, and Katie Crouch. They both have new books as well.

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