03 July 2008

Today's commute

Today on my morning commute, police activity prevented us from entering the tunnel, (here's the story!) After about ten minutes we had to exit the train and either catch a bus or the streetcar on Market, or walk. I walked the rest of the way to work all the way down Market Street. It was pretty far and took about a half hour. The positives (or "silken moments" perhaps..) are; it was a nice morning to walk, I got in some unexpected exercise, and noticed a few things along the way.

There is a CafĂ© Trieste on Market at Gough, Promised Land Fellowship has a building on Market & Brady now (I used to go there years ago -dif. location), Get Lost Books is in that area too. The stretch on Market between Seventh and Fifth is still a little sketchy – a tiny bit red light district with some crazies and some homeless and punks. An older lady walking with a cart started popping off with some cussing and nonsense. She was one a few yelling their verbal 'free speech'.

Anyway, it’s a slow day and most people aren’t even at work so it’s pretty mellow. The Gap is having a good sale right now, and we get to leave early. Have a safe and happy 4th of July.

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