09 September 2008

9 - 9

Pieces of my 42nd birthday today! A perfect Tuesday that included the best love-letter ever, loving wishes from good friends and family, a morning workout at the gym, harvest-grain pancakes, the Women Impressionists Special Exhibit at the Legion of Honor, and cake! It's a little strange to me that this face is someone of 42 now.


Kerstin said...

Happy Birthday, Andrea! And I don't want to sound like a cliche but I was surprised that you are in your (albeit early) 40s. You look a lot younger; in fact it is nice to see such lovely photos of you :)

Glad you had such a beautiful day :)

Take care,

Andrea said...

Thank you Kerstin. Youthful appearances run in my family. I still get asked for ID sometimes when I buy wine! ~ Andrea