15 February 2009

good and bad

This 3-day weekend has not gone as planned. I figured we'd do things or go out around the rain showers. We took a nice walk in the park Saturday morning, then came back home and I made breakfast. I was so excited to try the Parker girls oven pancake recipe that I even bought an oven pan. Someone who is used to heat safe handles got a big surprise when she grabbed the pan handle without putting the oven mitt back on. Long story short. Minor burn, but the worst burn I've had. My poor right hand has a big blister now on the palm and some shiny fingers. George has given excellent first aid treatment to my hand and it seems to look better today.

We watched "The Visitor" yesterday. Good movie and I enjoyed it and found it very moving. I liked all the actors and found it to be an interesting story about loss, love, the immigration system, hope, choices, decency, sincerity, music ... ultimately how people affect our lives.
Later we watched "Singing in the Rain", on PBS.

Today it rained on and off. On a whim we decided to go to Best Buy and check out some laptops. I ended up purchasing a brand spanking new laptop nextdoor at Office Depot (on sale too). This has been on my list to do for about a year now and today was the day. This little Toshiba is fast! I love it.

You take the good w/the bad, right?

We had Chinese food tonight and my fortune cookie says:
It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! I hope your hand is feeling better soon. My palm aches just thinking about it. Were the pancakes any good at least?

Andrea said...

Hi Chiara! How are you?
Thanks for the comment, it's getting better each day,just waiting for the blister to heal. The pancake was very good but being in a little shock and pain, I couldn't enjoy it as much.