05 February 2009


The first things that come to mind as I try to write a new post is the obvious: Daily lay-offs all over the country, California falling apart (under poor leadership, déjà vu?) with debt, drought, school closures etc.

I’m reading a lot. I’m half way through the book “Stuck” by Arelli Rufus, and I’ve read mostly during commute. It’s an interesting exploration in a social commentary/scientific/case studies and personal stories sort of way.
I’ve been going to the gym every day, but that’s a given, the gym is one of my non-negotiables. Michelle Goodman is doing a book appearance in SF next week. I met her once before. She’s a freelance expert.

I’m trying an exercise to work backward to figure out what the hell I want to actually pursue at this time in my life. You start with writing your obituary. Thinking about what you want to leave behind and how you want to be remembered. I started it as a free-write and found it to be insightful. Not surprising really, but insightful. Next I plan to free-write about some of the topics and get more specific in determining some goals and steps to head that direction. I'm ready to start trying and doing some things. There was a cute joke in something else I recently read. "There are five frogs on a log. One decides to jump off. How many are left? .........
Five, because deciding isn't doing. Case and point.

Today I snacked too much - the Fiber One pop tarts are pretty good though.

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