08 April 2009


I learned of Vivian Swift last year when her first book was published and have recently started reading her blog. I really like her watercolor sketches and her stories can be a little sassy. Plus I love everything life-and-travel-experience related.

In her book, "When Wanderers Cease to Roam, A Traveler's Journal of Staying Put" she hand lettered every page and did all the watercolor sketches. From her website: “In 12 chapters, from January to December, each month of the year is observed and interpreted using my personal anecdotes, nature notes, travel reminiscences, hand-drawn maps, and lifestyle commentary.”

The more creative styles I see in books and blogs, the more I want to continue experimenting with my own artistic expressions. I just love styles like hers – personal writing enhanced by art & collage. I particularly like that each page is easy to read with her script, and the drawings etc. inspire the page even more.

Sabrina Ward Harrison is a pioneer of the published art journals that include her paintings and photographs. Of course SARK was probably the first artist/writer I encountered as her books are handwritten in colored markers. However, SARK is a big planet now and I don't follow her as much anymore, except for receiving her newsletters.

I’ve tried some of their styles in order to discover my own preferences. I like to paint colors with texture in abstract patterns. I started using gesso for texture and when it’s dry, I paint with acrylics. I like to make collages (both on the paper and with photoshop) and write poems or thoughts with different inks or fonts. I simply like words, colors and images.

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