12 June 2009

Hello Blog

Wow, two weeks went by already. What I did instead of writing on my blog:
  • Read everyone else’s fantastic blogs.
  • Continued reading too many books at a time. (serious habit)
  • House hunting which is exciting and exhausting.
  • Said house hunting requires lots of mental space to process all aspects involved.
  • Got hooked on watching The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart.
  • Tried not to worry about things out of my control.
  • Started going through The Artist Way (again).
  • Enjoyed a few walks and picnics in the park including a visit to the Rose Garden.
  • Made Felicia's Blueberry Crumble recipe (sans pie crust), mmmm it was good! Right George?

I’ve also been lurking at this site which is a book-blogging group. The facilitator Jamie makes it so inviting that I’m considering jumping on this wagon. The book they just started for summer is Keri Smith’s “Wreck This Journal”. The idea is to let go, be a little reckless, experiment, have fun in ways you might not think of using a journal. Like drip or fling some coffee on a page, sticking fruit stickers on a page, doodles and words, rip pages, tear some out, simple have fun and don't be afraid to get messy.

Time for my small plum & apricot snack now.


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