30 June 2009

Hollywood Intuition for Target

(A few years ago - me, Jaye, my sister - in front of the Intuition boutique)

My cousin Jaye owns a boutique in L.A. She named the store Intuition because it was a way to pay for her kids’ tuition.

She has a has an exclusive line of accessories launching at Target in July! (including sunglasses, handbags, jewelry, small leather goods, scarves, headbands and hats, priced from $2.99 for a headband to $29.99 for a handbag, and sold only at Target stores.)

Congratulations Jaye!

(excerpt from article by Sharon Edelson - WWD.com)

“We took the trends coming to the market and tried to make them accessible to the Target audience based on the celebrities that come into my shop, Hersh said. “I build my relationships with my customers and they keep coming back because they like my taste. I’m very approachable; I’m a working mom. That’s the Target customer. I’m not a designer; I’m actually a shopkeeper.”

Hersh said Intuition will bring an element of the “inside Hollywood secret” to Target stores. “It could be about what celebrities have in their handbags — for example, a scarf that can be worn as a headband,” Hersh said. “The products that we’re featuring will actually be very instructional to the guest. ‘This is how you wear a belt bag and turn it into a shoulder bag.’ We’ll present all that as a story. The way it’s merchandised will be unlike anything Target’s done before.”

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