13 September 2009

"Celebrate What's Right With The World"

After church today, Pastor Jeff shared a short film by Dewitt Jones called "Celebrate What's Right With The World".

Dewitt Jones was a freelance photographer for National Geographic for 20 years. This 22-minute film was so inspiring! I've been noticing people that seem to have certain qualities of excellence about them. They are so focused, determined, calm, confident, positive...
(I think Coach Singletary commands that kind of respect). I notice passion, wonder, talent, and gratitude from Dewitt Jones.

I love simple, positive messages. It's very much about having a Vision, Possibilities (looking for them everywhere), Perception, Openness, being Present (A wise woman he met in Switzerland who is an expert weaver said to him, "When I weave, I weave." Patience (he would shoot a 'good' photo and sometimes after 15 minutes or a week later, he'd shoot the 'great' photo). Success vs. Significance, rolling with Change...

Some of my notes:
Focus on opportunities rather than scarcity
Focus on what is right with the situation
Unleash your energy to fix what is wrong
Find what's working
Keep looking for the next possible or right answer
Change is possibility
Be your best for the world, not just in the world.

So, keep your eyes peeled for possibilities! You never know what positive affect you could have on anyone, anywhere.

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Connie said...

"Celebrate what's right with the world!!!" I just wrote that quote down in my journal...it's a keeper!

Peace & Love.