09 October 2009

Chapter 3 - Desire

This week with Desire was challenging.

Martha Beck says this: "Notice that the Joy Diet doesn't ask you to rush out and grab everything you want, right now. It requires that you identify, articulate, and explore your heart's desires.

You can ask, "What do I want most right now? ... and to... Give it time to tell its story." (pg. 53-54) There's a lot of meat in this chapter.

I did not take much time this week for nothing - or sit with the questions. I tried one night and just felt annoyed & impatient. It could be resistance. If I don't pay attention to the faint yearnings or pebbles, then I don't have to do anything about it. But then how will things ever change? The truth is, I do desire a life of authenticity, meaning, and contribution. It could also be timing, as I'm also feeling a little scattered with my attention (ADD) with the uprooting & life changes at this time, and they are all good.

Even my dreams are a little wonky, like this one where I had a skateboard that was a big square board with shag carpet and a wheel in the middle, (?) and then I couldn't find where I left that crazy square-shag-carpet skateboard. (And I haven't had a skateboard since shag carpet was in style!)

I think that we do have a clue of what we are naturally drawn to but it can still be hard to identify (or even feel confident about.) Nevertheless, I guess I will just start again. Get quiet and listen carefully to my heart where the truth & desire is, whilst moving on to the next chapter -Creativity.

"Go where the love takes you, every day." (pg. 57)


Lisa @sacred circle said...

Be patient and gentle with yourself... perhaps your greatest desire in this moment is clarity.... and that's huge in and of itself...

sherry ♥ lee said...

I agree with you that when our mind is cluttered and it seems scattered it is hard to "hear" what we are really telling ourselves. But you know this which is half the battle. And starting again...you want to get quiet and listen to your heart...you'll do it..You have the tools and the desire to find your hearts desire. I predict that you will do so!!