26 October 2009

getting closer

We're getting ready to close escrow on our first house. We've both lost weight and some sleep but will soon gain new privileges of home ownership. This is a biggie! I'm grateful to be doing this with someone I completely trust and love because I would not have done it otherwise.

Oh sure I have my moments of anxiety, insecurity, and downright stress. It's all new territory for me. Waking up from a comfortable albiet complacent, season to living life with all the emotions, challenges, and happy surprises.

On a somewhat related note, I love my new commute read "A Million Miles In A Thousand Years" by Donald Miller and read today about how most people have to be forced into change. We like comfort, order, the familiar, and yet it's an 'inciting incident' disrupts the comfortable life in order for a story to happen, the character to move, the person to change.

A mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original form. - Oliver Wendell Holmes

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