13 October 2009

sharing & thinking out loud

I just love this clever gift from our Real Estate Agent. Generous, creative, and super practical. A nice big starter tool-set wrapped in a tarp and tied with an extension cord. Isn't that perfect for a first time homeowner?

It's exciting and exhausting but we can see the shore from here now and should arrive soon.

In addition to our upcoming move, for some reason I'm suddenly entertaining the idea to try NANOWRIMO this November. I mean officially sign up on the site which I've never done before. I think it could be fun, challenging, and rewarding. Now that we will be busy getting settled in a new home, I feel like taking this on; as opposed to not doing it all these years I've had plenty of time, go figure. Hmm, maybe big, positive change will activate more new pursuits? Anything is possible.

It would simply be fun to discover new story ideas through this dedication of a month of daily writing with word counts. Quantity is a challenge because I tend to not write anything terribly lengthy. So we'll see...

Anyone out there planning to do (or did before) NANOWRIMO ?

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Mandy said...

I think things happen for a reason. Take for instance you commenting on my blog and then me coming to your blog to learn more about you. Which of course lead to me reading about the novel writing contest. And would you believe I've been feeling this whisper from God to be writing a book? And so I am scared out of my mind (I've failed at this before) but thinking it might be easier to commit if I had a friend or a group of friends to commit with me. So are you going to give it a shot? (I can't tell you all the excuses popping up in my head of why I should not do this. Ack!) but I'm up for living out a story that is bigger than myself or my fears. You?