01 January 2010


Happy New Year!

(To me, 2010 sounds like a year when we'd be living all futuristic-space-age like "Minority Report" or "Blade Runner" or something. Just a thought.)

We were tired and didn't stay up, but we heard horns and firecrackers and other festive noise at midnight. For some reason that reminded me of being a kid and staying up till 12 and banging on pots & pans making noise.

(old tradition being that sound drives away bad spirits so on the beginning of a new year bells, gongs, clapping, laughing etc., were done to drive the bad things away and attract good luck for the coming year.)

Yesterday I got the flu shots and also finished a canvas painting. This is a little fuzzy but the quote says:
"We are the hurdles we leap to be ourselves." ~Michael McClure

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