12 January 2010

coffee cake & pottery

When the creativity is there you just have to go with it if you can.

Last night I had to make a coffee cake. My sister has a great recipe she gave me ages ago and I haven't made it in a few years so it was time to dust off the recipe. In a nutshell, it uses yellow cake mix, vanilla pudding, sour cream, eggs, etc., and you make a separate mixture of sugar, cinnamon, walnuts (or pecans) to sprinkle between layers in a tube/bundt pan. It came out delicious and I think I will make it again next week when we have some guests over.

After that I had to paint a 6" terracotta pot with this cute Tuscan paint set at Michael's. It comes with three small paint colors. First you paint the whole pot Tuscan Red. It dries pretty fast too. Then you use a sea sponge and dab the cranberry wine paint and metallic gold paint all over it, paint the rim in gold and viola! You've just made a plain terracotta pot really pretty.

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