20 January 2010

Journal love & destruction

Over the holiday weekend, I went through about a dozen old journals. Some people keep them and accumulate volumes. I adore paper journals; however, I am of the other school who prefer to destroy them and this is why -
First, the truth is that when I look back at old 'morning pages' or other random ramblings, for me it's the same old drivel. Boring. The only writings I find interesting to keep are the creative pieces I've written and 'process work' like figuring out career or psychological stuff that takes some time and effort.
Second, I'm forever working on my clutter management and don't need to keep so much.
Third, there are super secret confessions and potentially scandalous stories. Not true, just throwing that out there for kicks.

So I tore up many, many pages and kept only a few. I figure if I don't care to read it again then what's the point of keeping it? Nevertheless, I love writing by hand in moleskines and a lot of my writing is cathartic. I will continue to love journal writing and keep some and destroy others, that's what I do.
Anyway... I'm always curious how others approach this subject. ??

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