19 August 2010


On Monday I got my first keratin hair smoothing treatment/Brazilian blowout. Wasn't sure exactly what to expect since I was fortunate enough to be a model as well. It's not a relaxer it's a smoothing treatment and eliminates a lot of FRIZZ! It's supposed to last 3-5 months then it just wear off. It went well and I'm very pleased with the results. It's super straight at first because they flat iron in small sections and the heat seals the keratin treatment in.

A few pointers I picked up for next time are:

1. If you are in need of a color, it's better to do that about 4 days prior. Otherwise you need to wait three weeks after the service to get a color, like me.

2. You cannot get it wet at all for the couple of days while it 'cures'. So don't plan to get sweaty either, I had to forgo workouts for a couple days. They recommend 3 days, I went 2 1/2 which was fine. Also, you cannot put it back in a clip, hairband or anything, you're not even supposed to tuck behind your ear. (It was recommended to cover it with a silk scarf when necessary.) That was a little tough for me since it bothers me a lot when my hair hangs in my face, but oh well.

3. I got their recommended shampoo & conditioner (which is supposed to help prolong the treatment) because you are not supposed to use any products w/sodium. (Salt = bad for hair) . This picture was last night, after I had it washed and a quick blow dry. So far, I think it's pretty great. If it lasts through December, then I will definitely budget for this service.

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