18 January 2011

Currently Enjoying....

I picked up this book used for a buck 50. I'm a long-time reader of Natalie Goldberg and am enjoying this memoir. She writes of growing up in the suburbs and teachers she remembers from high school and how she practices writing. I'm only 60 pages in.

From her website: "Long Quiet Highway is the autobiography of a thoughtful woman who grounded herself in Eastern thought and Western art-a precise history of Natalie Goldberg's adventures as a poet, teacher, and spiritual student--a book full of sentiment and anecdote." ~Allen Ginsberg

I just got these new athletic shoes (K-Swiss Tubes Run 100) and I love them. They feel super light weight and good support and comfortable. I've never felt that way about an athletic shoe before.

Because I read many books at one time.... I'm also reading this because I'm starting to incorporate a little meditation practice in my days. George put some carpet in the basement and we set up a little area where I can sit on my little cushion and breathe. This book by Sharon Salzberg provides excellent instruction, plus a CD with some meditations to listen to.

It's also time to start some serious gardening. Our backyard overwhelms me and I don't know where to start but I also want to start growing some veggies. Even if I use containers, the yard needs lots and lots of weeding, and some planning.

I'm lucky to have a cousin nearby who has been gardening, growing veggies, and composting for a long time. She has given me some good suggestions and tips to start and is an inspiration. I really want to start composting and am looking into affordable composters, or George might build one. Yet, I just need to dig in and start this weekend since the weather is sunny & milder. I read online but I'm old school and like to have a book to hold in my hands and to reference. So I think I might pick this one up: Grow Great Grub by Gayla Trail, and just start pulling weeds.

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