16 February 2011

The decline of bookstores

I heard about Border's filing for Chapter 11. Then I heard both stores in downtown SF would be closing and I'm bummed. I've admitted to having a book addiction but aside from that, it's the place I go during my lunch hour a couple of times a week. It's where I find inspiration and sometimes discover new authors as I browse bookshelves. It's where I sometimes pick up tips and ideas from magazines that I don't find in markets & drugstores. It's where I occasionally pick up a new fitness or yoga DVD.

What I will miss is the solace I find wandering through the rows of different subjects, picking up books and flipping through pages. It's just not the same as 'looking inside books' on Amazon, even though it is a good feature. I hope the few remaining chains and Independents can hang on. I think it would be unfortunate if books end up for purchase only online. Maybe I'm too old-school but I'm just not a big online shopper, yet. If they ever impose all books to the e-reader form, then it's a little too close to "Fahrenheit 451" for me. I'm not against e-readers, I just question the control the digital gods have over them like perhaps forcing you to watch more ads or something. Who knows.

I remember having quite a collection of vinyl records which then had to be converted to CD's. Then George bought me one of the first version IPOD's in 2002 I think. It's funny because that one looks so big now compared to the smaller, flatter versions. Although initially resistant to new technology as usual, I managed to sell and get rid of all but a few of my CD collections that are too close to my heart (you can probably guess...). Everything seems so much more digital now. I wonder if "Resistance is futile."

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