31 May 2012

well hellooo

Obviously I have not been writing on my blog much because Blogger has changed a lot recently!

This are a few things I've been enjoying lately:

The improved closet my husband built
 Liz's e-courses
Yoga with Leila
Diana's blog
Working on our garden and watching tomatoes grow
Reading Rob Lowe's autobiography and recently watching The Outsiders I haven't seen in years!
I didn't realize what a tiny part Soda Pop actually had and remembered how much I liked Pony Boy's role.
I've cut down on TV but one treat is watching That Girl in the morning with my cereal on the Retro TV station. There are some fun episodes. (You can really notice when the style changes from the 60's to the 70's and not in a good way from my impression.)

More soon. Toodles.

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GeorgeAguilar said...

Want to go steady?

-Mr. Marie