31 July 2012

remember to breathe

One book I'm currently reading is, "Taking the Leap" by Pema Chodron, and I'm in a place where I can really follow what she's saying. Awareness is something I've been, well, aware of lately. I've been noticing how difficult it is to stay present, and catch my mind wandering all the time. She says, "It seems we all have the tendency to move away from the present moment. It's as if this habit is built into our DNA." 

I just read a part about 'shenpa', a Tibetan word, which means 'attachment' or 'hooked'. This is something I have noticed feeling which she describes perfectly - as that moment of "tightening,  a slight pulling back, a feeling of beginning to get hot under the collar..." It can be triggered by something someone says to you, thoughts, or words, etc. and you feel like you are shutting down.

It's interesting and challenging for sure, I'm trying to practice being more present, and to learn to stay with the uncomfortable feelings that rise.
Remember to b r e a t h e. Consciously, slow and deep inhale, exhale is the fastest way to bring your mind back to the present and calm your physiology. I find yoga is very beneficial for your mind and breath as well. As much as I want to spend time in meditation, it's so hard for me to sit still but that's sort of the point. So today I'll sit and breathe for five or ten minutes, and just begin, again.

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Galina said...

oh, I have a trouble staying in the present moment too. Especially if I am surrounded by other people...

I hope your meditation practice going great!