29 July 2012

Sunday musing

Moss Rose
This is a photo sampling of some different flowers we are currently growing. I love to notice the flowers quietly open and charm us with their beauty. Unfortunately some flowers (like this moss rose with its bright colors and tissue-like petals) only stay open for a very short time.
So I'm still trying to figure out what I want this blog to be about...what I really want to write about...
This space could be for cultivating my interests & passions which range from writing, poetry, books, fitness, health, travel, faith & spirituality, yoga, gardening, art... but ideally narrowing down the focus. I just know I spend far more time reading other blogs and could be working on my own blog, especially since I want to write more. I would also like to be involved in a women-creative-community...
After recently visiting with some awesome friends from Chicago, I was reminded about intentions which I suppose is what this post is about, starting with this blog to give it some clarity and intention. Yet, also with the intention of  ultimately finding something more specific and meaningful to pursue in life.

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