04 March 2013

Saturday Adventure

Cherry Blossoms at San Mateo Central Park
Saturday we went out for another adventure. Driving towards another East Bay Park, we happened upon a big fundraiser book sale which was fun to check out. We picked up a few books - Sylvia Plath's Colossus poems, a travel guide,  a paperback of Star Trek episode stories...

Then we took a short stroll at Temescal Creek. Then drove up to Sibley Regional Park, and then to Huckleberry Botanic Preserve where we plan to go back to hike the trails. I don't particularly care for the the winding roads in the Oakland hills, but that's where the parks are.

We met this interesting 'Warrior of Aliveness' at Huckleberry who is a Sailor, adventurer, nature hiker... He is an older guy who has been all around the world and with all those experiences and stories, should be writing his memoirs. I love those fun, inspiring encounters when I get my ass out of the house! Fortunately we are getting out and having more weekend adventures. Plus, new experiences and sights (and insights) give me more to blog about.

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