20 April 2008

Whose cupcake was that?

This weekend has been cold and breezy. I made fried matzo brei as show above left, mmmm. Saturday I was downtown walking up Stockton near Post Street. I was looking at the window displays and felt my right foot step into something soft. "Oh no! What did I just step in?" I looked down and to my relief, it was not poop! Strangely though, it was a cupcake! Yep, I scraped my foot along sidewalk as white cake and chocolate frosting smeared the pavement, then a curb. A sweet scent wafted from my right shoe as I scraped chocolate frosting off. That's a first!

Today after church, George and I bundled up and took a walk through the park. We happened upon a festival along the theme of eco / sustainable living / Earth day related stuff. We checked it out for a bit. Zip Car had a booth, that's always fun because if you join or are a member you get to spin their wheel for a prize. George's big spin paid off for a free one-year membership fee.Way to go! Now I MUST get busy with my creative writing homework. Even blogging becomes an attractive way to procrastinate. Go figure.

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