29 July 2008


I just discovered that Marlene Schiwy has a website: http://www.marleneschiwy.com/

Five or six years ago I discovered her book "Simple Days-A Journal on What Really Matters" at Powell's in Portland. I've savored reading this book a couple of times. Marlene shares her process and poses questions and thoughts about balance & nourishment, creative expression, career, finances, relationships & community, etc. but mostly living well. She also includes some good recipes. I think it might be time to re-read again soon!

I'm always intrigued to read about how others, women in particular, navigate through life. Finding their way, living with purpose and using their gifts and talents, creativity (especially writing), eliminating un-essentials, risk, love, faith, travels, and so much more. These stories always inspire me to discover or create more of what I want in my life. In one word, authentic. Maybe that's why I love journals too.

She also wrote an earlier book called "Voice of Her Own-Women and the Journal Writing Journey."

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Chiara said...

That sounds like a most lovely book. I'll have to pick it up. Thanks!