29 July 2008

Emil Nolde

Just finished my European Art History course. I learned so much about art history and architecture. Now I just hope to remember it next time I visit Europe.

Here are some paintings and a quote by one of my favorites, Emil Nolde a German Expressionist Painter.
(photos from google search)
(Summer Clouds)

"I had an infinite number of visions at this time, for wherever I turned my eyes nature, the sky, the clouds were alive, in each stone and in the branches of each tree, everywhere, my figures stirred and lived their still or wildly animated life, and they aroused my enthusiasm as well as tormented me with demands that I paint them." ~Emil Nolde

(Glowing Sunflowers)

What's next? Well, after my current writing class, maybe I'll take Wine Appreciation or Speed Reading.