22 July 2008

The Kiss

I like this piece from my lesson on Austria's Art & Architecture.

From my Art History course -
The Kiss, Gustave Klimt, 1907-08. Oil, silver and gold leaf on canvas.
The Kiss is a painting that creates an illusion of richness through the use of gold and silver leaf. Klimt was inspired by the gold leaf mosaics at St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice. The act of kissing itself is emphasized by the contrasting natural look of the flesh and the patterned, but sumptuous, ornamentation of the robes. Klimt's intention was to emphasize perfect harmony in the male and female relationship. The two figures blend together as they embrace on the edge of a meadow with flowers. The pattern of the man's clothing is rather geometric with rectangles, while the lines of the woman's dress are flowing. Yet the two join together in a passionate embrace.

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Kerstin said...

I love Klimt's Kiss, it would be so wonderful to see the real painting one day!