17 July 2008

Beauty in the Ordinary

The sky is overcast gray and people are wearing their scarves and coats. Must be summer in San Francisco!

There are two artists I am newly inspired by:

Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin, a French painter (1699-1779) a master of still life. (I like the painting - 'Girl Peeling Vegetables')
Johannes Vermeer, Dutch painter, (1632-1675). (I like these two paintings - Woman Reading a Letter, and The Milkmaid)

I am inspired by the way they paint women engaged in everyday tasks so beautifully. I am drawn to beauty in the ordinary. That's what I've always liked about Alex's blog , that is her style as well. Most of us live in this world with ordinary days, no? With routine days of work, gym, meals, or school, caring for children, etc. In order to feel like I am doing something worthy, however small or grand, with this gift of life, I also need to find or create personal meaning. This is aside from sharing your life with someone special which is already meaningful.

A few things that help me find some beauty and/or meaning are: exposure to and learning new things (lately through various online courses), writing, good reading, cooking a healthy meal, taking walks, behaving environmentally conscious -buying local produce and trying to use less plastic, volunteering and helping others, travel, going to church, contacting an author or blogger, and doing something out of my comfort zone, like attending Blogher.

p.s. It's almost here!

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Kerstin said...

I, too, am an admirer of Alex's blog and style; although she and I are very different types I feel a strange kinship with her because of her European roots and views. Will you talk a little more about your Blogher experience? I'd be curious ...

Thanks for your lovely words, too :)