15 July 2008

Thinking on the blog and a poem

The Blogher conference is this weekend. I'm a little nervous and unprepared...
In my writing course I have a How-To article assignment this week...
In my Art History course we visit Netherlands and Austria this week...
Sweet peaches, nectarines, plums, and apricots galore at farmer's market today...
I've been watching and enjoying episodes of the The Mary Tyler Moore Show! (Back in the 70's I was too young to understand it.) The cast are all great, but I really enjoy Rhoda's humor. Valerie Harper even has a website.
Today I remember the birthday of a childhood friend, Robbie Asbell, who died far too young.

I wrote a new poem sketch:
I wonder about my eastern European ancestors
Imagining them
Farmers or gardeners
Rabbis or scholars
I will visit their land
And see what their world was like
Shapes of the clouds
Colors of stones
Expressions on faces

if I can identify with
or resemble
anyone here
in this part of the world.

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