05 August 2008

This and That

(photo I took of a "keg stand" that's new to me! It's just one big party here.)

After a beautiful sunny Saturday, it's been cold and dreary since (I really shouldn't be surprised). George's smile has been my sunshine. Actually the sun has been breaking out downtown in the afternoon at least.

It's been a fun week. I've done things like make an appointment at the DMV, and wrote a humor essay for my class (now I'm only one week behind in assignments). I've also found a few more former co-workers on Facebook.

Now I'm doing a little research for an affordable vacation perhaps in December. So far I'm looking at River Boat cruises on the Danube, a package deal to Amsterdam & Paris via rail...
The thing is, if we went to Austria & Germany for a River Boat cruise, I'd want to spend some extra time in Germany for sure. Not sure yet if we can make this happen but I'm looking at options.

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