20 August 2008

A wing, a prayer, and a plan

I am so inspired by a few blogger's and their stories lately- Kerstin who recently moved to the Pac Northwest, and Cynthia who packed up her life to go travel Europe. Lisa moved from the East Coast to Paris about two years ago.

I feel charged up by stories of travel and relocation. Perhaps because I've never lived outside of California. Perhaps because it forces you out of your comfort zone, perhaps because well, how can it be anything less than transforming in some way(s)?

Our lifestyle very much warrants G and me the freedom to make such moves, but my pragmatic mind always says, "Gee Andrea, do you think you can actually break away from your responsible life (read=work regular job, pay bills, dental cleanings, etc.) AND earn a living... doing what??" And that is where I get stuck. I can't seem to imagine what else I could do to earn a decent wage somewhere else... unless I can figure out a business of my own... (and I'm not even mentioning the visa process I know little about.)

Nevertheless, it's the hopeful daydreamer in me that loves this subject. People do it all the time! Whether it's extended travel, sabbaticals, or moving to other states or countries, I know there is a way for us too. Not today and not tomorrow, but maybe next year on wing and a prayer and a little planning. Anything is possible.

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