25 August 2008

Monday MashUp

Congrats to my sister who is of a "certain age" now too. We made a lasagna-birthday-dinner in her honor.

This morning I had a DMV appointment for my license renewal. G went for a nice half-hour-ish walk with me this morning in the fog & mist, through the park & Pan handle. The DMV was crowded (as to be expected) but with an appointment it didn't seem too long at all. I haven't been there in awhile. They call your number to a window and it sounds like a Bingo game (to me at least). G 047, B 022, I was F 017. Paid the fee, did the vision test & took the new picture, all renewed now.

George and I periodically have conversations about technology in society today, unplugging, etc. I saw a link on Swirly's site for this article by Ben Stein in the NY Times. Well said and couldn't agree more. Read it when you have time"Ben Stein's article in New York Times".

p.s. I'm hoping J.T. O'Sullivan helps make the 49ers a better team this season. Poor Alex Smith can't do his job but continues to collect his millions... (I know, I'm not really a football fan but I started watching some pre-season games w/George.)

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