04 September 2008

and now for something completely different...

I notice myself getting fired up when I watch these political candidate speeches! I’m not impressed with Sarah Palin at all (frightening actually – the thought of her stepping into the President role), but aside from that, I have yet to hear a Republican offer any solutions for all the problems in this country. She mentioned the threats to America and the terrorists, but did she mention anything about repairing foreign relations? (No) Oh, and what about affordable education, healthcare, and the economy? Here is a link to some fact checking of her claims:

Sure McCain served this country I get it. But why do they always refer to his past service and not to what do they intend to do for the future? (Maybe he will address that tonight?) They are good at pointing fingers without offering any solid solutions. That’s what I like about Obama – he addresses issues and offers solutions. Oh, and he’s smart!

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Kerstin said...

I think I have given up on politics! For a while I tried to get into it, understand it better, and make up my mind about where I stand. I come from a very liberal background but am married to a conservative. My husband says exactly the same things as you - only the other way around. And I have to admit, when he talks about it, he makes a lot of sense, especially as he is so much more knowledgeable when it comes to history and politics (seriously, he is like a walking encyclopedia!) Having said this, neither of us are enamored by McCain. But I did like Sarah's speech. I want to like Obama but I still don't get a sense of substance from him. However, mostly I still feel out of my depth when it comes to politics, especially American ones, this country is just too polarized for someone like me who wants to understand and appreciate ALL sides of the argument.