04 September 2008


I'm feeling a little nostalgic (with some down-time and perusing youtube). I grew up listendng to KROQ in LA and the first concert I went to was The Gogo's at the Greek Theater in LA back around '81. Remember this old MTV video back in the day? Belinda was a good '80's dancer'! (Holy Moly - Hilary & Haylie Duff did a remake of this)

How about early D.M.? I still love the music of my generation. Music videos have since come a long way though.

What about MV3 with Richard Blade, I barely remember that! You can find anything on youtube. Here are bands I haven't thought of in YEARS - Slow Children (below, couldn't resist), Plimsouls, Human League, Let's Active,The Three O'Clock...

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