15 September 2008

Plato and a Platypus

I haven't engaged in philosophy since I read Plato in Jr. College when I was 19 (with the exception a conversation-or-two with Herman Berlandt which involved philosophy AND poetry). I didn't do very well in that philosophy class; however, I do like thinkers and good jokes.

So today during lunch I revisited philosophy by going to Stacey's Bookstore to see Thomas Cathcart & Daniel Klein at an author event for their book "Plato and a Platypus walk into a bar... Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes" These are a couple of older guys, philosophy majors from Harvard, who are quite entertaining. They dedicate this book to memory of our philosophical grandfather, Groucho Marx, with the quote "These are my principles; if you don't like them, I have others."

So after laughing at their jokes I thought, why not. This could be amusing and educational. Plus, how often do you see the word platypus?

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Anonymous said...

Seems funny. And you're so cute!!