16 September 2008

Radish Tuesday

Lots of birthdays this week - my friend Maria 9/15, Adam Shames today, my cousin Dana the 17th, both my mom and Zachary Harris on 9/18. Happy Birthday fellow Virgo's.

The Ferry Building has such a good Farmer's Market. I've been on a radish kick lately, they are so good in salads. I got a couple bunches of radishes, baby carrots, squash, and a couple different types of apples which I don't remember their names. They still had peaches but I'm sort of ready to move on to autumn fruits.

wrote a good political post today 'Ignore the Noise', I agree with her about moving on from the Sarah Palin hype and focus on what her candidate-of-choice (and mine) is saying. Debates begin soon!

Yesterday I left a little early in hopes of getting home a little earlier to no avail. My train was delayed at least 30 minutes. Therefore, I got home a little later than usual. Other than being on the most crowded train ever, I survived and managed to catch one good line. A girl on her cell phone said, "Just live." I like that, simply put.

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