16 March 2009

Thoughts with Links

I've read some good, thought-provoking blog entries lately. Taking plunges, pretending (act-as-if) you 'are' being or doing what you want before you actually are, and Barbara Winter who shares tips and inspirations promoting the entrepreneur lifestyle. Today she introduced me to Marketing Extraordinaire, Lynda Resnick - and her book, Rubies in the Orchard. I welcome any positive spins on the current economic climate I can find. She wrote an article here: Five Reasons Americans Can Be Happy.

The truth is, I'm still at my Advertising job which I'm thankful to have. Yet, Vicki Robin asks: Do you have enough money? Will you ever? Are you making a living or making a dying?
Ouch. If I weren't using my time here to my advantage the best I can, while planning a way out, it would be more of a dying.

So, I'm focusing on my living for starters by: Taking a new class this week on business & marketing writing to brush up those skills. I'm working on my first actual side-gig of creating and maintaining a professional blog, which I find very exciting. I'm also enjoying the creative process of painting and collaging in my art journal. G and I are also exploring relocation possibilities. If you have any suggestions of nice places to live, as well as affordable to buy a home, let us know!

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Adam Shames said...

Andrea: Your references and insights are much appreciated and uplifting; thank you!