03 April 2009

East Bay (& bday wish)

(Me & Mike Ness 1999)

Today we went to the East Bay and it's interesting to learn about your reactions and preferences. I have a habit of making snap judgments (which is not always a good thing) and G stays open-minded and can visualize long-term potential.

We took the BART to Concord (for the first time) and walked around a few streets and properties to get a feel for the area. We walked down residential streets, through a park with a lake, some shopping plaza's and by two large pet stores but no grocery stores. It's nice but nothing drew our interest. Part of finding out what do you want is learning what you don't want, process of elimination, so it's all valuable.

We made our way back to Oakland to explore a few areas and I felt much more comfortable in Oakland than in Concord. (After all, I've lived in Oakland twice and San Francisco twice, over the past 15 years in the Bay Area.) So the research, inquiries, & field trips have officially begun. As exciting and positive as it is to finally consider home ownership, it's not without some stress and anxiety. (to be continued)

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