12 May 2009

Mother Nature

Sunday we spent Mother’s Day with Mother Nature at the park. A morning walk in the Botanical Garden is always a great start. It also happened to be free admission weekend for our neighborhood at the California Academy of Sciences, so we went.

The Rainforest is a must if you can handle a bit of humid climate. You will see lush green plants and the most exotic butterflies – bright, bold colors flapping and soaring by and landing near or on you. There were a few significantly large blue butterflies (which I instantly referred to as ‘Big Blue’) and one landed on George’s head! We also saw some tiny orange frogs and other amphibians.

I was really looking forward to the new Morrison Planetarium show. We had our admission badges all ready for the 1:30 show and made our way up the steps and plopped down in a seat.

From their website: The Academy’s inaugural planetarium show, Fragile Planet, reveals how special Earth really is by taking visitors on a 30-minute round trip to the outer reaches of the universe. Visitors begin their voyage at the Academy, lift off through the atmosphere to gain an astronaut’s view of Earth, then travel to the Moon, Mars, and beyond to search for habitats that might host extraterrestrial life. Narrated by Sigourney Weaver and interwoven with talks by a live presenter, Fragile Planet will redefine your sense of “home.”

I still don’t know if it was Sigourney Weaver’s voice, the script, or the darkened room, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I’d share more about the show but unfortunately, I missed at least half of the 30-minute presentation. I was surprised to learn that George had the same snooze experience! Hmmm.

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