30 April 2010

Good Things

The sun is back and it's supposed to warm up this weekend. I was able to get an appointment w/my hair colorist Jen and things are good.

Our bathroom renovation is coming along so well especially w/George's hard work. The last big job is tiling the shower. Here's a peek:
I love that Mandy is starting her own self-imposed program to pursue writing. I've signed up for Cynthia's class Make Writing a Happy Habit to get a writing groove of my own. Cynthia also started making weekly videos "Juju Infusion". I love this! She is so authentic, fun & inspiring. See for yourself:


1 comment:

Mandy said...

Thanks Andrea. You were a big influence in the re-birth in me to go after writing seriously. Are you on facebook or twitter? I would love to stay connected.