26 May 2010

Shine Like It Does

Once upon a time, they took a road trip to Virginia City, NV 'Old Virginny'. This story in Storey County starts here at the Old Washoe Club.

He pushed the saloon doors open with both hands. The place was empty. She said to him, "Do you hear that?" "Yes, INXS." he replied. The song, Shine Like it Does was playing in the background, she smiles, instantly happy. The owner walked out to the bar to greet them.
"I'll have a shot of whisky." She didn't order anything. He threw it back and set the shot glass on the counter.
The Old Washoe Club aka The Millionaires Club was under renovation by the owner. The owner Scott, acquired the club back from a previous tenant.

He said to her, "Let's go sit over there." She sat on his lap and had Scott take a picture.
He looks at her holding a ring (which she did not see coming). "Will you marry me?" he asks. Oh my - she is shocked, a bundle of smiles, laughs, and near tears."Yes. Of course!"

He snaps one last photo with Scott at the Old Washoe Club.

In an air of giddiness and joy, they went out for a dinner of pizza and wine. The pizza was served on a rack (along with paper plates) which reminded them of Grimaldi's in Brooklyn.
The beginning of a new chapter.

p.s. today's writing style was influenced by David Bengston's prose and Mark Twain.

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