03 June 2010

Honest Moodling

I've been thinking how my views have changed over the years on the subject of weddings. The weddings I've attended have been big, beautiful events. So, I figured I'd have a big wedding one day, because that's what I knew.

As the years passed, I still hoped to marry but started losing interest in a big wedding of my own(especially after the age of forty). Plus event planning is not my strength (that is my cousin's gift). Plus the fact that I don't like to be the center-of-attention in any crowd (I didn't get my dad's outgoing/entertainer gene). In my mid-30's it became more important to me to let go of finding-my-husband and wedding expectations that no longer held true. I decided I just wanted to meet a compatible partner/companion. That is when I met him.

I love how we've broadened each other's worlds by exposure to all sorts of things from DNA research, Star Trek, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, a French cabaret in Paris complete with a glass of sherry, Peruvian lilies and the sounds of hummingbirds, kayaking, etc. (I could go on...) How we are both drawn to eclectic and artful styles. Such as the ways we are trying to renovate/restore & decorate our house - and our love of European influences.

Then there are George's crazy schemes that challenge my open-mindedness; and my initial resistance that he has to deal with. I'll call that our 'psychological dance'.

So having become officially engaged to my beau of 8+ years, during the Great Recession, we've agreed on an intimate civil ceremony with immediate family only. Small, sincere, and sweet. And to be frank, a nice long trip (& honeymoon) to Europe sounds VERY appealing.

He introduced me to the composition "Clair de Lune" a few years ago and it is still the most enchanting music I've ever heard. You can listen to it here in Cecil Hirvi's machinima "Chapter 3"

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Michael B said...

Bravo Andrea! You have found your own way to share romance and love. It will mean so much more to you than a large affair.And it will be the unique handiwork of you both.

Congrats and good luck

Michael B.