20 May 2010


(Plath photo from Google Image Search)

I'm a little behind this week in my writing class. Tuesday's lesson was about drawing inspiration & ideas from our favorite writers. I love, love, love books. It's one of my favorite habits. (Just ask my co-workers where I go to lunch at least once a week... yep, Borders) I have many favorite writers. I am drawn to non-fiction and poetry including; memoir, travel narrative, and essays with an occasional novel or short story collection to mix it up.

I also enjoy many blogs of writer's that may or may not be published, yet.

I came up with a few author's whether or not I've read or liked everything by them. Then I stopped to ask, who can I call to mind that would help me plod through writing challenges which I think it the actual idea here. This is who I came up with so far:

  • Anne Lamott

  • May Sarton

  • Mitch Albom

  • Marlena deBlasi
  • Frances Mayes

and then I turn to the Poets:

Sylvia Plath. Even her published journals show brilliant writing. I still remember a blog post by Samara O'Shea about that here http://www.letterlover.net/2008/10/20/as-always-sylvia-plath/.

For example this one sentence Plath wrote, "I am sitting at my desk looking out at a bright antiseptic January day with an icy wind whipping the sky into a white-and-blue froth." Even if I can't quite grasp the tortured-artist mindset (though I am starting to see how it can be agonizing at times!) I am in awe of her word choices.
  • Mary Oliver

  • Naomi Shihab Nye

  • Pablo Neruda

  • Dr. Maya Angelou

  • David Whyte

I'll close with this:

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Michael B said...

Great choices! Maya Angelou and Pablo Neruda are favorites of mine also. Great blogging...