19 May 2010


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George and I had a conversation about characters from earlier TV shows that inspired us. 'Characters with character' that portrayed confidence, integrity, and courage. Ben Cartwright and Captain Kirk easily came to mind.

As I've shared before, one of my favorite old shows is Gidget with Sally Field. What I always love about her character (even though she plays a teenager) is, she was - stylish, fun, smart, witty, outgoing, rose to the occasion & took risks, a dreamer, a thinker, a doer, and sometimes a little clumsy. (I too, grew up at the beach and loved sandwiches, and teenage drama.)

I also like Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda but can't think of any characters in the past 20 + years that stuck with me. Even though the current sitcom/drama shows I watch are 30 Rock, Modern Family, Parks and Rec, and Brothers and Sisters, I tend to regress to find the hero's. These shows are very entertaining and funny, but I can't name a recent character on TV who has that sort of aspect about them to universally inspire people. This could be since I don't watch a lot of TV and do not have cable. Maybe I just don't know of the inspiring characters out there today.

One last thought is that there were other shows I liked such as Felicity and Gilmore Girls, but I didn't want to be like them. My point is more about a TV character that inspires you to want to be or do something better in general. Do you have any favorite TV characters that had a positive influence? Just wondering.

Time to get back to my writing class to write about my favorite writers that have that magical and positive influence. Tootles.

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