25 October 2010


Our trip started in Paris. We stayed at a very nice B&B which I found through a great site -

Pain au chocolat
Vin Rouge
Evening Seine cruise
Stroll along the Left Bank

Train to Dijon
George rented a Eurocar
Drove to Chaumont and eventually to Pont-la-Ville.

We stayed a couple of days with our friends who are retired teachers and active travelers. They have an amazing old French Country home where enjoyed great food, drinks, and conversation around their table. We feel lucky to know such kind, generous and inspiring people.

Day trip to Domremy to visit the birthplace of Joan of Arc, a special request from George.
I found it to be fascinating and a little hard to fathom when you try to imagine a young girl hearing her 'unmistakable calling' here to lead the French Army to several expected victories.

Train to Vernon and transferred to a bus to Giverny where we visited Monet's Garden (jardin).

Monet's house (maison)
The entry way has a lot of Japanese art prints on the walls (a strong influence), and more are scattered through the house.
The parlor (drawing room/studio) with big windows, and the furniture in place as he left it.
A tiled, blue kitchen with hanging copper pots and a big golden yellow dining room.
Upstairs his bedroom window has a vast view of the garden.

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