19 April 2011

Rocking the Royals Live 1985

Just found this video of my fave boys Down Under. My INXS radar is still sharp as I learned today that this album was released, and apparently INXS was one of Lady Diana's favorite bands too!

One of these days I will make a sojourn with my husband to Australia to visit the memorial grave site of Michael Hutchence. From the first time I heard the song "Don't Change" on the radio in 1983, and saw them play for the first time at Magic Mountain when Shabooh Shoobah came out, to the Elegantly Wasted Tour in 1997, I am forever obsessed with this band.

And then I found this new version of "Don't Change" with Andrew, Jon, and Kirk singing. I think it has an ethereal feel. There is another different official music video version as well. It's on the album "Original Sin" with a variety of vocal artists, released in Nov. 2010.

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Anonymous said...

Your husband must really love you if he plans to fly you to Australia to visit a grave.

-So Lucky xoxoxo