10 May 2011

Thinking, Words, & Actions

Psalm 141:3 Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.

I have some very ingrained negative tendencies like voicing unnecessary criticism, noticing what's wrong instead of what's right. Of course wishing I didn't isn't making them go away. But they 'gots to go'. I will fight to catch my negative and often unnecessary words from escaping my mouth!

I will remind myself to think better in a few obvious ways.
First catch the negative thought and exchange it with a positive.
Focus on the GOOD already in your life.
Focus on what you want to create and follow it with positive actions.
Our minds are powerful and I don't want to waste my with anymore of my own nonsense. I think my new dojo practice could enhance this effort too. Whatever it takes to bring out the best me I can be.

My wise husband told me (loosely paraphrased) to just accept how you are and find ways to use it as a strength. In other words, working with who we actually are instead of always trying to change it. Working with instead of against whatever your 'thorn' is. I feel like I have to work against my negative attitudes (or maybe with in a way like using "find and replace" in a word doc. Hmm?)

Oh yeah, an example was how Larry David had success w/Seinfeld and playing his own neurotic yet fictional self in the show "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Working with his quirkiness in an entertaining way really works for him.

(from Wikipedia:
David has said that his character in the show, a fictionalized version of himself, is what he would be like in real life if he lacked social awareness and sensitivity.[23] The character's numerous and frequent social faux pas and misunderstandings are the basis of much of the show's comedy and have led to the entry into the American pop culture lexicon of the expression "Larry David moment", meaning an inadvertently created socially awkward situation.)

Just sharing my far-less-glamorous side but that's enough babble. My thinking, words, and actions just need to synchronize in a positive light.

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